Terry Evans
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I think of myself as an artist, undisciplined often, but always an artist. Producing art is a singular task in which the final step is doing the “art“. Getting ready to produce takes inspiration, thinking, developing ideas, preparation and then… I can “do” the art. The piece is the final step of seeing my thoughts become a real object. But once its done, I am always amazed how excited I am to have created this great piece.

An artist once said “this is my approach that I have always taken at museums and at art gallery collections. I never visit to be entertained or distracted. The artist and the works on display always serve as a inspiration, reference points and sources. Mining them has always been the objective” .

That says it all for me. I have learned I am a “miner“. I am interested in most everything, which means I will never be an expert at one thing, but will always be an eclectic. I love photography, digital images, old photographs, collage images, collage boxes, large projects, and anything that gets my attention. I have always been a miner ….