Robert Schnack

Robert Schnack has made Wisconsin home for the past thirty years. Photography has always been a passion, from the first Kodak Brownie Hawkeye at an early age to the latest that Canon has to offer. Later came the darkroom, a truly magical place followed in recent years by the digital darkroom, just as magical but on the computer. That was followed by lessons and much help from others in matting and framing.
Photography became a way to escape the rigors and stress of corporate life. And photography has proved to be a way to record visits to distant lands, see new sights and meet some wonderful and interesting people.
The first trip abroad was to Spain and Portugal in the early 1980’s and the photographs taken were meant to be reminders of a wondrous country and trip. The trips that followed to the continent provided opportunities to look at photographs as art as well as reminders of the hotel stayed in or the statue in the park.
As time goes on, one realizes that Photographic Journeys can mean trips to one’s own backyard, to the Wisconsin State Fair, to southeastern Wisconsin and to the wonders of beautiful northern Wisconsin as well as trips to London, Paris and Madrid.
My wife Mandy has developed a wonderful eye for photo composition and she often points out opportunities that I would otherwise miss. I often say, “Everyone has a photographic memory. Most just don’t take the time to see what develops.” I am guilty as well but sometimes I do wait and get the photograph I want.
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