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Robert Hafferman

For lack of a better expression, I am at an artistic crossroads.

In one direction, I am pursuing a higher craft in the realm of portraiture and illustration with the pure focus and destination to be more proficient in the capturing of the likenesses of my subject matter.  I paint what I see, nothing more.  

While in the other direction, I travel an automatic response on an “uncharted” path, creating strictly from personal experience with the subject nothing more than visual concepts rather than archetypes: abstract mental images which allow the viewer to create their own stories.

While I would have you believe that these paths are mutually exclusive of each other and are artistic gestures that are a holistic approach pursuant to creativity, I sense that a merging of both paths is inevitable.  It is this ‘third’ path which I am trying to explore and within it a higher purpose.   Be it a spiritual maturation, a wizening of sorts, or simple maturation in creative individualism, I hope to capture my progress for other witnesses to behold, and thusly learn something of myself as an artist.