Randy Urry

I’ve been drawn to the effects of light most of my life. After borrowing my dad’s camera on a family trip to Colorado in the 60’s, an interest evolved into a passion for me. As I got more involved in photography during college, my reading material included almost any photo book available. The Time/Life series on photography became my literary mentor as well as anything at the UWM (now Golda Meir) library. I attended lectures by such legends as W. Eugene Smith and took courses as time and money allowed. The most memorable was taught by John Alley (now sadly deceased), who traveled the world as a pro and thrilled his students with stories of braving Antarctica.

All these photographic influences have taught me to not just look at the light around me, but to see it. The concept of photographing light not objects was a revelation to me. The Grand Canyon or a single rock in the “right” light can have the same visual power on different scales. That one amazing element empowers them both to the photographer. Reflections, sunsets, a back lit leaf, or any afterglow, still have the power to stop me, even in this overwrought age. Digital photography has resurrected this passion and added a creative step (post processing in Lightroom) that was never available in the film era. So begins another chapter...   

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