Phyllis Boateng 

Phyllis creates handbuilt pieces that combine sculpture with functionality.  She's inspired by the Master Artist and Creator of us all, as well as, Ancient Greek and Roman art.

Relief work shows up in her art quite often.  The beauty of nature, leaves, and flowers are also very much a part of her inspiration. 

Phyllis says, " When I am engaging in creating my work, my entire being is completely at peace.  I hope when others see or acquire my work they experience that feeling of peacefulness. I sincerely hope my students can utilize this art form as a means to express their creativity and de-stress their lives."

Phyllis has recently graduated from the College of Lake County with an Associates Degree in Art.

"Teaching allows the unique experience of imparting knowledge and skills to others. I consider it a privilege to share my talent in this manner. I feel rewarded when students acquire new skills and their creativity is awakened."

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