Nancy Neider 
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​   Since I got my first box of Crayola’s crayons and my first set of Artista watercolors, I have enjoyed making art -- or more to the point -- spreading color around. I am unable to put into words the emotional response I have to it. 
Color is what drives my art and gives me the most satisfaction. It allows me to express the wonder and gratitude I feel for the beauty that surrounds us. I hope the use of color in my work communicates the sense joy that it gives me and elicits the same feelings in those who see it. 
After color comes design -- how the shapes fit together on the canvas or the paper. I try to think of each shape, be it a figure, wine bottle, flower or tree, as a puzzle piece with a proper place. My goal is to achieve a balance without the monotony of exact symmetry.
And finally, is the fun. I remind myself often that if I enjoy what I am doing, it is reflected in whatever I do.