I’d certainly call myself an artist, but my primary calling is that of an arts activist. My current focus in life, and the work that brings me the greatest joy, is to empower visual artists and develop arts initiatives that serve this much loved community.  I graduated from UW-Parkside with a degree in Psychology, and a second major in Sociology.  Postgraduate, I’ve concentrated on coursework in nonprofit and arts management.  I’m married to Stephen Hovey Sr., a handsome, hardworking and extremely patient man who is becoming a remarkable artist himself.
My activism includes being one of the five original founders of Lemon Street Gallery & ArtSpace, Inc., which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2009.  I am also the founding organizer of Kenosha Union Park Project, an arts-district/economic development initiative in the modest neighborhood surrounding Lemon Street.  I am also one of the original organizers of Kenosha HarborMarket, a superb European-style mixed market, and still sit on the Board.  As time allows, I sit on development committees at the local and state level.  I LOVE getting things started for arts and artists!
For my own art-making, I’m a painter, like my mom and one of my three sisters.  My artwork tends toward bright abstracts, though vibrant women intrigue me, so I’ve been painting them lately. 
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Melanie Hovey