Lynn Ann Johnston
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My name is Lynn A. Johnston. I am a self-taught acrylic painter and illustrator. My background is in anthropology, so my work is influenced by archaeology, ethnography, as well as nature. I am inspired by the works of Georgia O’Keefe and Native American Artist Victor Crisositomo. Georgia O’Keefe for the way her works flow and Victor Crisositomo for his use of color and sensuality of his subjects. My works have no agendas or political statements, but are created only to make people smile. I strive for the exotic when I paint people, especially women. I also try to focus the viewer on the eyes of my subjects, be it humans or animals. I find the eyes the most beautiful physical part of all creatures. My illustrations are line drawings that tell a story at a glimpse, be it of a Medicine Wheel, Native Warrior or even a dinosaur. That is me and what drives me to create my images on canvas and paper.