Kim Rahal
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Kim Rahal has been painting and showing her work for over 20 years. She has shown and sold her work in Illinois, Colorado, California, Virginia and Wisconsin. Best known for her color saturated abstract works, she works with oils and pastels, but enjoys working with all mediums

She was born in California, and currently reside in Wisconsin. I am a artist who experiments with many different types of mediums and styles. I love to do abstracts because of the freedom of expression. Abstracts allow me to express a feeling or emotion. I prefer to work in oils because of the rich texture and deep colors of the paint, but also work in pastel to do figures. I find that the body is an interesting subject. I am very attracted to contrast and light. I feel that art is an expression of many things. I have spent my whole life working on my art. At first I tried to capture perfection and as time has gone on I have learned it is not perfection that I need to capture but the feel of my subject. Life is not perfect therefore the emotion of the subject is a better goal to achieve and what I pursue, I hope you enjoy my work. .

Kim uses her art to express emotion and her view of the world. Her artwork appears in private and corporate collections. She currently has paintings in the office of the Mayor, Kenosha, WI and in the Wisconsin State Capital in Madison. In addition to Lemon Street Gallery, her work can be seen at Northern Lights Gallery in Racine, WI.