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I’ve always loved making art. The pink poster paint airplane over a field of flowers in Kindergarten is my earliest art memory. The challenge of making something from nothing, or the fun of debunking the old saying, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!” are strong motivators for me.

When someone or something strikes my fancy because  that  person, place, or object is so beautiful, poignant, or interesting that there is an emotional response, I want to share that. There’s the challenge; capturing that elusive element that  has spoken to me so that it will also speak to the viewer of the artwork in some unmistakable way. Creative problem solving comes into play in that process, and when a problem is solved creatively, that’s exciting!

One of the perks of being an art teacher was that I learned to work with many different  mediums and  I loved them all, and so became kind of “a jack of all trades.” The downside here is sometimes feeling like, “a master of none.” Finally accepting that this is who I am was very liberating and so now I work on several different things, maybe: a painting, a mosaic, a jewelry piece, or some clay, just like I always have, only now with no guilt about not focusing on just one medium. Art is seeing and communicating. Viva la art!

Kate Peterson