Elizabeth Tivol
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After many years of working as a Mad Scientist, I began selling my jewelry at art and craft shows. I enjoy using unusual materials; the fossil jewelry is my most obvious means of keeping in touch with my Inner Geek. 

Most of my work is made using natural gemstones and sterling silver, although I have recently begun integrating titanium, niobium, copper and brass into my jewelry as well. I make a point of never selling a piece of jewelry that I could (or would!) not wear myself, which I hope is some comfort to my fellow nickel-sensitive friends.
Mobius Bangle Bracelet
Sterling silver bangle shaped as a mobius strip, a one sided band. Outside twists in to become the inside; inside twists to become the outside. Pretty and fun! The band has a matte finish, and is 6 mm (almost 1/4 inch) wide.