The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.
Francis Bacon

I am intrigued by the idea of capturing a solitary moment.  A moment that is so magical that it transcends the story that envelops it.  Every story, whether real or imagined, is a sequential series of these moments, each representing a unique segment of time.  In each piece,  I strive to render a single, ambiguous moment. In order to  make these moments more compelling, I focus on two fundamental principles: subject and technique.

I often find myself using, and re-using universally recognizable symbols like bubbles, clouds or flowers.  I like the narrative potential that these objects inherently possess.  In addition to their literal and compositional value, these symbols are also capable of conveying a far more complex layer of meaning.  For example, a flower can act as a metaphor for change, growth, or beauty.  A bubble can represent, transparency, a sense of lightness, or something fleeting.  Clouds are extremely flexible symbols, able to invoke feelings of  promise or carelessness, but used in a different narrative context, they can be dark and foreboding.

The quality of the draftsmanship ensures that the viewer be afforded the opportunity to examine a piece without technical distractions. The process of mark-making is very important to me. I believe that  people can relate to the humanness of the drawn mark and that it serves as a personal invitation to delve deeply into a piece.
Chet Griffith