Beth Dary
Birds on a Wire
Green Spring- Wet & Needle felted
Watership Down
White Birches
Lillian - Mixed media sculpture
Felted Soap
Art Attack - Artist Fatigue
Mixed Media Sculpture
A Slave to Fashion - Fashion Fatigue
Mixed Media Sculpture
A Slave to Fashion - detail
Mixed Media Sculpture
Mermaid, Oh Mermaid - Icon Fatigue
Mixed Media Sculpture
May I Help? - Compassion Fatigue
Mixed Media Sculpture
No Escape - Situational Fatigue
Inspired by Human Trafficking crisis
Mixed Media Sculpture
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I am a very tactile person. Very easily influenced and also very easily amused. Through my work in textiles I strive to bring together the best of my experiences, the best of the past and the best of what is yet to be. I am influenced by literature, music and friendships. Pieces of all these things bring themselves into my work, perhaps through a phrase or a color or more passionately through texture. I receive tremendous joy in incorporating my favorite books, sounds and people into every undertaking. Learning at a young age to never have idle hands, I learned the traditional handwork of knitting, embroidery and felting. I strive to catapult those skills into the present century while maintain a connection to the past.  I have been a member of Lemon Street Gallery in Kenosha WI since 2006.