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My artwork is about relationships. It is about the give and take, the contrast, the push or pull, and the tension that makes life interesting. 

Formally, there is a focus on the relationships between the elements of art and the materials used in the process. In the mixed media on paper pieces, I base my marks and drawings on the unpredictability of the watercolor. The ink and the watercolor work together to reveal the subject matter. In the canvas works, the relationships and contrast between colors are important in the visual presentation. Some colors bring out the best in others, complement one another or flow together. This idea is mirrored in my subject matter. 

My subject matter is figurative and is inspired by human connection and the exchange of energy. I believe strongly in the idea of energy. You will reap what you sow; you get what you give. Not only is the art about the influence of the energy from those closest to us, the art also reflects the energy we create on our own. My experiences may be personal, but the relationships represented in my artwork are universal. 

The theme of change and growth and the fluid, delicate nature of life and relationships are a great underlying theme of my artwork. I am hyper aware that things may turn on a dime or unravel at the pull of one string. I seek to represent the subtle shifts of energy and the ever changing connections and relationships we all encounter.

Alison Merritt