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There is nothing that interests me more than the marks left behind.

Formally, my art work is about the physical marks left on the paper or canvas. I enjoy working with permanent marker. I like the hardness of the line, the permanence of the mark. I use small lines to create small textures that build to form the greater composition. I use overlap of lines to create interest, randomness, and sometimes pattern. I like the buildup of tiny lines to create a larger picture or to use the marker lines as a map for my composition on canvas. I rarely use pencil to plan out the art, as I feel I work best without a formal plan. Much like life, I believe that art reveals itself through the journey. I like art with a process, a history, and a starting point. 

Second, the subject matter of my art pieces is about the elusive marks that are left behind. All experiences, good and bad, leave a mark. They may leave us saddled with baggage, with fullness of heart, or a void that continues to gnaw. I will forever be fascinated with the dynamics of a various relationships and how they alter who we are. As a mother, I feel that nothing on earth has changed me more than having children. Many pieces of my art attempt to illustrate the bond and love I feel in relation to my children, my husband, and my family. Other works capture not only the void, but also the scars left behind after a failed relationship, 
abandonment, or a defeat. 

The titles of my art work often represent the idea, epiphany, or realization I have stumbled upon while navigating through life. Some ideas come from a book, a song, or simply an experience or a conversation. I feel that one must learn from every experience, recognize the mark it left behind, and then move on. The only constant is change itself. My art work attempts to capture those changes. 

I have been greatly influenced by many famous artists: Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Gustav Klimt and Georgia O’Keeffe to name a select few. I am very fond of bright colors, color theory, and color and form to express emotion. My favorite art makes me feel something; it makes me feel a connection to another. As an art educator, teaching children about art makes me reminds me how much I love art and how it connects people. I am always influenced by my children and my students’ reaction to art. Finally, my art work is a marriage between the formal elements of the composition and the intangible elements of life. Through paint and ink, I hope to make marks that illustrate the marks that are left behind on all of us.
Alison Merritt