Michael Wilson
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Like many other people, I became seriously interested in photography while in high school. I learned the basics of the medium while working the on the staff of the school yearbook and newspaper.

While attending college, I became acquainted with the work of the great photographers and their artistry. The work of Brett Weston was particularly inspirational to me. And, while attending the University of Oregon in Eugene, the influence of the Weston family permeated the learning experience.

It was during this time at the U of 0 that I was introduced to Allstate Wrecking, where the mangled, remains of semi trucks came to rest. And, it was at Allstate that I made my first abstract images, drawing on the influence of Brett Weston, Aaron Siskind, and others.

Some artists can explain their work and it's meaning. I have never possessed the ability to describe the meaning of my images, how they make me feel or what others should see or feel. What Ican say is about my work is how it comes into existence.

Today, I make photographs of natural and man-made objects. Different colors and shapes, shadows and patterns of light catch my eye. Once this happens, the sight triggers an instinctive reaction resulting in the manifestation of an internal vision into an image. Through an involuntary reaction, it satisfies a deep need to create within me.