Debbie Watson
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Artist Statement:

My kiln-fused glass work is based on my observations in everyday life.

My process begins by paying attention to my surroundings, whether at home, outdoors or wherever.   I try to sketch or photograph ideas and feelings and translate them into lines and colors; design!

Once in my studio, I have a conversation with the glass to transform my ideas and feelings into forms that look and feel right. Sometimes the piece jumps up and says “that’s it!”. Other times, I walk away to begin the conversation again from a different angle. After I arrive at the final design, the piece is fused in the kiln (often more than once) and then formed into its final shape.

My work is meant to be touched and used. I want folks to pick up and the feel the fun I had creating it.

Debbie has been a Lemon Street Gallery member since 2015.