Andres Vences 
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Artist Statement:
​My work delves into a range of mediums. Although each one holds its pros and cons; what matters to me is the act of creation. In each one I unintentionally use a different tone of expression and it’s because I find the act of putting an image on a surface meditational. The subjects of my work tend to be figural. But I also touch on scenery and abstraction. 

The current focus of my work is inspired by the grandiose magnitude of outer space and the abstract expressionist movement. The experience of awe created by witnessing something profound is something I hope to achieve for my audience. The abstract space I create is reminiscent of outer space. Lonely figures adorn the concept and become a size reference for the breadth of the abstract space. While I aim for my composition to be visually appealing, I also want to express a loose image that can be open to interpretation.  

Blooming - Oil
Leisure - Watercolor
Upwards - charcoal