George and Cecelia Rowe
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We've always had a desire to create something that's beautiful. Not till we stumbled across a hot glass shop in Shake Rag Alley (arts center near Galena Il.) where we watched the artists for hours, the experience really impressed us and turned our interest to glass work.

Our first real opportunity to actually do glass work was during a visit to Hands on Art in Door County. After making 3 glass projects at the shop, we bought our first kiln and began creating our own jewelry and art work. Since retiring we've visited two other hot glass studio near home and have recently visited Kokomo Glass Factory (the oldest glass factory in the US). The opportunity to see actual glass production was a total boost to my desire to create with glass. Learning so much about the actual glass manufacturing from mixing the ingredients to melts and sheeting was invaluable.

It is our goal to continue to learn and try new techniques.