Margaret Peyton
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Artist Statement:

As a self-taught artist I have complete freedom to create with my heart wide open. Before I begin a piece of work I sit in meditation in my studio. I ask each canvas what it wants to be in this world. Each abstract painting I begin already has a life of its own. I do not feel as if my paintings belong to me or even come from my mind. The paintings belong to the universe and are able to come to life through me. I often perform my first brush stokes with my eyes closed. This allows for my brain to get out of the way of what needs to come forward. I have a few works that are a bit more planned and technical. Yet even when I choose precision, the paintings become their own as if they mature right before my eyes. Creating is not something that I have chosen. Creating has chosen me. I do not have a choice in the matter. It is a part of me. If I were not creating, I would not be living.