Peggy Raasch 
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Artist Statement: 
My paintings are a series of paintings that tell a story which hopefully will tease the viewer to ask *WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?* I want the viewer to feel he is eavesdropping on a scene where everyone is having a good time.
I have a lighthearted attitude ( tongue- in- cheek so to speak) with these canvases.
I am shamelessly, irreverently poking gentle fun of stereotypes.
The scenes are pithy, sassy, quirky, yet playful.
I love to watch people looking at art. I can then paint them
with a winking disrespect.
I feel that everyone should have some whimsey hanging somewhere on their walls.
These paintings are a bit more challenging than my serious work.
In my painterly style, I have abandoned the cadmium and earth colors from my palette which is characteristic of my serious work. I mix and blend my tints and values prior to applying the paint to the canvas.
To follow your passion is liberating.
This is the best thing about being an artist.

Gertrude Stein
Sugar Daddy