Brendan Palbitska

My name is Brendan Palbitska and I would say that I love nothing more than to take photographs. When everything in my life get hectic it seems that a good constant has always been photography. Going out after a stressful day at work or a quick vacation, and even travel I always have a camera by my side and when I feel the urge I am always able to just snap away; taking me to another place where I can be in touch with myself and not really caring what needs to be done or if I even capture something amazing.  

I have always enjoyed pointing the lens and shooting at organic subject matter with a touch of manmade structure. The relationship for me always seems to have influences that I yearn for and have tried to understand. This show displayed, has a touch of both and while viewing, would like you to imagine and balance yourself to see which one, organic or manmade, you would lean toward.

Brendan has been a Lemon Street Gallery member since 2013.