Robert A. Marcella
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At the age of 75, I began painting by a spur of the moment decision to take a watercolor class and have not looked back. Little did I know that watercolor was the most difficult of mediums.  

Taking on a difficult task and accomplishing things develops character. My personal philosophy is - If you can get through the hard stuff, the rest is easy.

I work alone , becoming immersed in my painting, developing different techniques, working with 
different materials and paints. My learning about light, perspective and depth is an ongoing journey.

The first 23 years of my life were spent on a farm in the UP of Michigan. That provided me with my love of nature and influences my painting - combined with the beauty of Wisconsin which continually inspires me. A tree here, a sunset there could be a starting point. I never start out with the end result. I let the painting take me on the journey. You become one with the idea and it tells you where it wants to go.  

When I turned 80, one of my paintings was selected by Watercolor Wisconsin 2014 to be part of their exhibit. Quite an honor for this octogenarian! That was the impetus to exhibit my work. I am still looking forward to where this journey will take me and I hope you will project yourself into my scenes and join me.