Julie Latayan
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Artist Statement

Julie J Latayan is a professional artist, influenced by impressionist artists. Her painting style has progressed into fun and witty combinations which expressed in zany caricatures, 3-D sculptures and murals creating unpredictable works of art. Julie has worked collaboratively on various interdisciplinary projects from coast-to-coast and for decades. Her art can be visited in galleries, public murals, elementary schools, restaurants, hospitals and corporate settings. Best known for her acrylic paintings, mixed media. Recently Julie is creating a series of sculptures in clay. 

"I want to teach you how to see color. Painting a picture is telling a story with no words, no punctuation, it is a glimpse into a moment. You have to describe your feelings and mood with color. You need to express the intensity of sunrise. Find pigments to represent the dark of the ocean before a storm, including white cap on the rolling waves..."