Patricia Krueger
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I have been in awe of photography as long as I can remember. I am mainly a self taught photographer. I also have attended a few classes through the years, a membership in a few Photo Groups, an Admin on FB's Picture of the Month group with over 350 members, also has helped frame my learning experiences. 

Most importantly I find life and all my surroundings as my inspirations. God's handiwork is everywhere for one to observe and take part in. I am influenced mostly by the beautiful artwork in front of my camera lens when I am taking a walk through the woods, or along the lakefront. Fall colors inspire me as well as an early sunrise. I also find that I 'see' beauty in what most would normally walk past. I love taking pictures of an old decaying tree, rustic objects, barns that has seen many years of history. I also enjoy bringing the beauty out of 'weeds'.  A weed can be very graceful and beautiful. I see this through the lens of my camera and my mind's eye, then bring it home to transpire a piece of art through digital imagining on the computer. I am inspired to bring out the story that is in front of us that needs to be told.