John Clazmer
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I’ve always enjoyed creating and building things, something as small as our wedding rings or as large as a 900 square foot garage.  Throughout my public education and early in college I took a number of art classes but never threw clay on a wheel.  That changed in the fall of 2009 when I took my first ceramics class.  I took my second class the following January and was hooked.  
I enjoy making RAKU pottery but most of my work is mid-range (cone 6) oxidation fired in an electric kiln.  While the life cycle from ball of clay to finished pot may be a couple weeks, I enjoy the satisfaction and immediate feedback of transforming a ball of clay into a useful form in a matter of minutes.  I enjoy making a variety of shapes but obtain a certain amount of consistency by using a limited number of glazes.  At this time most of my pots are finished using two glazes.  By dipping one glaze over another I can create some interesting visual and textured effects.