Juli Janovicz

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I paint the colors and the landscape as they feel. When I start to paint I have a color in my head and though I have no idea where a painting will go, I always know when a painting is finished. I capture the essence of the colors embedded in moments and the feeling evoked by those colors. When an artist or writer commits color, images, or words to paper, an object becomes imbued with meaning. As the poet William Carlos Williams said in his brief, brilliant poem “The Red Wheelbarrow,” “so much depends/ upon/ a red wheel/ barrow/ glazed with rain/ water/ beside the white/ chickens.” In those few words Williams was able to draw attention to a moment in time by focusing attention, like a painter, on color and objects.  

There is poetry in every painting, an attempt to relay a message to another somewhere down the road. Artists attempt to capture the essence between what is seen and what can’t be explained. That every viewer interprets paintings differently continues to be one of the inexplicable mysteries of art. in writing. I have a minor in Women’s Studies and a Master’s in Library and Information Science. I have immersed myself in cottage gardening for more than twenty-five years, studying garden design, color theory, antique flowers and historic gardens. I study in the studio art program in Expressive Botanical Arts at the Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, Illinois.​