Bettie Gong

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I started out in ceramics throwing on the wheel over 45 years ago. Right away I loved the feel of clay and what I can create from it. The excitement of the finished piece added to the joy of ceramics, despite the growing pains of learning the craft. I have and still am inspired from everything around me: nature, color, texture, symbolism, the feeling of touch and sight, soft folds, adding different medias together and so much more. 

I use the wheel less now but I have not lost my love for the material, as I am now enjoying hand building: from making slab pieces to ceramic jewelry and functional ware. I incorporate glass, various glazes, various metals, pearls, natural stones and crystals in my work. I love experimenting with the various types of clay bodies, testing and cresting new glazes, and all the different effects I can create with them. 

I have always enjoyed body ornaments (jewelry) and have strived to make wearable art that is comfortable. With my “failures’, I am always learning from them. For me, it is not so much the sale of my pieces but more the feeling of accomplishment with what I have created. 

I now understand the expression: “starving artist” (with a smile).