Angela Williams Duea

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Drawing/Photography/Mixed Media

I’m a semi-self-taught artist who keeps learning more about myself and life through pursuing art. My uncle gave me my first professional camera and fostered a love of macro photography, rural eye candy, and urban details. He also showed me how a camera teaches you to fully see the world around you. My grandfather gave me my first drawing lessons and taught me to delight in the feel of a pencil gliding across paper and the glory of merging color. 
Today my mixed media art incorporates found and repurposed objects, pastel, charcoal, ink and colored pencil. My eye is attracted to geometric symmetry, weathered and rusty objects, and the loveliness in the ordinary. While creating art, I’ve learned two important lessons about life: 
Listen more to the inner muse than the inner critic. 
Don’t judge the work until it’s done.