Betsy Davis
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I have always had a love of making things. Being a mother has given me plenty 
of opportunity to create. From painting murals in bedrooms and sculpting 
birthday cakes to sewing clothes and costumes, my creativity usually shows 
itself in useful things. There is no reason why things we need and use can’t 
be fun to look at or hold as well. 

As I’ve found more time to explore, clay and ceramics have taken their hold. I 
began using underglazes to paint detailed pictures and portraits on bisque-ware, 
which led to some custom work, mostly pet portraits. Hand-building gives me an 
outlet for sculpting. It’s nice to have a piece last longer than a slice of 
birthday cake! I also enjoy my time at the wheel. I find that the clay really 
is a great calming agent in a hectic world. Every aspect of pottery appeals to 
me, from opening a new bag of clay to the unloading of the kiln.  

My hope is that you can find a smile when you see a piece I’ve created and it 
draws you to hold it.