Dale Mellor

I am influenced by God.
He created me to be an Artist. My creative desire is given and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
I am inspired to create as a way to express beauty, execute ideas and communicate with others.
I like moving in the interface of people and things – that place where the individual interacts with the created work. Color, Line, Movement, Light are my tools : Glass, Wire & Paint are my media 
Stained Glass - wall hangings, window hangings and installed windows.Jewelry Design - line and movement with color and meaning. Inspired Paintings. - visual communication.

I am primarily a Designer – creating from’ scratch’ and problem solving whilst thinking ‘outside the box’.

I am the visionary and artist of River Valley Studios, wife of my lifelong love Richard, owner of RTD Control Consultants ….. process control engineer anyone?

Education :
Bachelor of Arts Degree- Three Dimensional Design (UK)
Techniques & Technologies, Glass (UK)

Professional Stained Glass Experience : studios in England, Wisconsin & California :
Design from concept to layout
Color palette selection
Specialized Computer Aided Design
Window construction: Lead came, zinc, copper foil & weatherproofing
Restoration: disassemble, color match, painted copy, reconstruction
Fired painting skills
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